The College of Energy and Electrical Engineering was built by merging and adjusting some subjects that belonged to the former College of Electrical Engineering and College of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering. The history of college dates back to 1958, when the Ministry of Water Resources approved the establishment of subject-Hydraulic Power Unit. The College has four departments of Electrical Engineering, Automation Engineering, Power Engineering and New Energy Engineering, 6 institutes of Automation of Electric Power Systems, Power Electronics and Motion Control, Hydropower Automation, Energy and Power, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid, 3 laboratory centers of Electrical and Electronic, Electrical Automation and Energy and Power, and many provincial and ministerial teaching and research bases such as Renewable Energy Generation Technology Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education, New Energy Generation and Smart Grid Discipline for Talent Recruitment Base of Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Hydraulic Metal Structure Safety Monitoring Center of Ministry of Water Resources, Electric and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Jiangsu Province, and Electricity Energy Practice Education Center of Jiangsu Province.

The College of Energy and Electrical Engineering now has a staff of more than 100 people, including 1 winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 14 PhD supervisors and more than 60 professors and associate professors. The college is equipped with post-doctoral research station of Electrical Engineering, senior subject doctoral program of Electrical Engineering, senior subject master program of Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, and Power Engineering and Thermal Physics, secondary subject master program of Measurement Technology and Instrumentation, as well as the professional masters degree authorization point of Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, and Instrumentation Engineering.

In recent years, the college has a rapid development of teaching, scientific research and personnel training, and many achievements have won the national and provincial awards. As a result of active academic atmosphere, the college has established friendly and cooperative relations with dozens well-known domestic and foreign universities, with programs of mutual exchange of visiting scholars, joint training of graduate students, and so on. The total number of graduates has exceeded ten thousand, and many alumnus in their fields have made brilliant achievements. Each year they come back to school to participate in alumni association, and offer advice and suggestions for the development of their alma mater.