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Electrical Engineering


Subject of Electrical Engineering:


The Electrical Engineering subject of Hohai University was built in 1987. The secondary subject of Electric Power System and Its Automation was granted the master's degree-awarding power in 1993 and doctor's degree-awarding power in 2003. The senior subject of Electrical Engineering was granted doctor's degree-awarding power in 2010, covering five secondary subjects, and established post-doctoral research station in 2009. Currently, the subject is strong in teaching and research, and has well-equipped laboratories, making it stand out among similar subjects in domestic universities. In the long educational process, the subject has consistently adhered to the traditional academic atmosphere and rigorous academic spirit-"seek truth from facts, dare to explore new ground", and has formed a feature of "foresight, innovation, and practicality".


The subject has a strong teaching power, not only including academically advanced well-known experts and scholars, such as winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars-Professor Ju Ping, but also including a number of young and energetic professors cultivated domestic and abroad. The subject now has 27 full-time teachers, and among them 24 teachers are with doctorates, accounting for 89%. The subject has a total number of 11 professors and 10 associate professors. It also hires more than 10 part-time professors from well-known domestic and foreign universities and research institutions, such as academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering, distinguished professors of "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts", chief scientists of the National Basic Research Program (973 Program).


The College aims at international cutting-edge technology, adjoins major national needs, strengthens innovation platform and team-building, undertakes a number of national key projects, and obtains a rapidly growing annual research funding. Over the past decade, the subject has undertaken 46 national science and technology projects, including 2 items of the National Basic Research Program (973 Program), 3 items of the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), and a number of the National Natural Science Funds, which involves a key project, a major project, 18 general projects, 8 youth fund projects, 54 provincial and ministerial projects and 212 crosswise sci-tech cooperation projects. The subject has won 7 items of provincial and ministerial awards in the past 10 years. The subject has also published more than 1000 papers, including more than 500 SCI, EI and ISTP papers, published 10 academic monographs, and gained more than 200 items of patent applications, with 50 authorized patents.