New Energy
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New Energy

Our major of New Energy Science and Engineering is now established in the College of Energy and Electrical Engineering, Hohai University. We began to enroll undergraduates majored in Wind Energy and Power Engineering from 2008. For this matter, Hohai University was the national second earliest university cultivating talents in this field. Three years later, the major name was changed to New Energy Science and Engineering according to the major list promulgated by the Ministry of Education and started enrollment, being the first group domestically.


Although our major was set up not so long, the major merges the merits of fluid engineering, machinery and electrical engineering from our history unique advantages and influential impacts domestically and oversea. In 2011, the major was constructed as one of the four national characteristic specialties and was regarded as the core major of Jiangsu Province the next year. The master pilots, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering and New Energy Science and Engineering, were successfully granted in 1986 and 2012 respectively. The first-level academic section, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics, master degree section was approved in this department in 2008. With the combination of characteristics and advantage of related disciplines, the major is bound to promote discipline development during the same period.


It is the noticeable feature of this major that the fusion of wind energy, solar energy, ocean energy, nuclear energy and other new energies, which has given rise to the wide application field, dramatic practice, numerous demands of graduates and stimulation of national advancement. Graduates equipped with solid professional foundations, ability to operate, superior comprehensive quality own their popularity among companies and public departments. What’s worthwhile to be mentioned is that the undergraduate employment rate is up to 96% consistently with relatively high quality.


Currently, thirty faculties and staff serve at the Department of Renewable Energy, including eight professors, sixteen associate professors and 6 lecturers. A collaborating team consisting of doctoral supervisors, professors, associate professors and young assistant professors take on courses taught task and scientific research with the reasonable knowledge structure and high enthusiasm. With the accumulation of substantial experience in teaching and research, tremendous achievements have been obtained throughout the previous studies.


The faculties in our department are focusing on the following research topics:

Planning and Design of Wind Farm, Aerodynamics of Wind Turbine, Detection and Control of Wind Turbine Generation, Integration of Wind Power, Offshore Wind Farm, Tower and Foundation of Wind Turbine, Measurement and Assessment of Wind Resource, Corrosion Proof Technology of Wind Turbine, Construction and Management of Wind Farm, Technology of Solar Energy Usage, Technology of Hydropower; Technology of Thermal Power; Electrical Equipment of Wind Farm ,ect.

In the scientific research field, this discipline presides National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (‘973 Program’), National High-tech R&D Program of China (‘863 Program’), National Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Jiangsu, Nature Science Foundation of Jiangsu, Scientific Research Starting Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars and more than 80+ crosswise tasks. The number of papers published is over 300+, among which 150+ scientific papers were cited by SCI, EI and ISTP and plenty of them were awarded.


Our Vision

The major inspires, prepares and supports engineering technical talents in the field of energy, power engineering and its automation so that they are armed with professional theoretical basis, the ability to practice and innovate and the skill to navigate international communications, and then meet the social needs of diverse aspects including engineering, research, teaching and management. Through four years structured learning, students are enabled to grasp profound knowledge of nature science, humanity and social science and they are approved to have solid fundamental theory, professional knowledge, skills to practice and competency of computer and automatic control.


Main Courses

Advanced Mathematics, College English, College Physics, Mechanical Drawing, Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Engineering Materials, Fundamentals of Machine Design, Electric Circuit, Fundamentals of Electronic Technique, Program Design, Aerodynamics, Principle of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Fundamentals of Control Engineering, Power Electronic Technology, Electric facility, Planning and Design of Wind Farm, Wind Turbine, Control of Wind Turbine Generation, Offshore Wind Farm, Measurement and Assessment of Wind Source, Construction and Management of Wind Farm, Model and Simulation of Wind Farm, Tower and Foundation of Wind Turbine.


Further Study of Undergraduates

Students can pursue further research in the following scientific fields: New Energy Science and Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Hydropower Engineering, Power System and Its Automation, Control Science and Engineering, Testing and Measuring Technologies and Instrumentation, Power Electronics and Drives, Circuits and Systems.


Job and Position

Graduates from this department have made excellent contribution to the national construction and social advancement in various fields, including wind farms, power plants about electrical engineering and other renewable energy, designing institutes, manufacturers, construction organizations and researching departments. Most of them take on crucial positions in charge of engineering design, equipment manufacture, installation and inspection, operation, management and scientific research.