Ding Xiaoqun
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Ding Xiaoqun, male ,who was born in Danyang of Jiangsu Province . Now he is a professor,Ph.D. Supervisor of Hohai University and also is the vice superintendent of smart grid research institute in Hohai University. Professor Ding is the chairman and managing director of Nanjing Hohai Electric Software Co, Ltd.

Professor Ding is mainly engaged in teaching and research on power system operation and control, electrical equipment fault diagnosis and power quality for a long time. Ding leaded and participated in three provincial-level research projects, a dozen of local research projects. He has published more than 70 Papers and has trained more than 100 graduate students until 2013.

The main researchachievements of professor Ding in recent years are as follows.

1. The AVC (Automatic Voltage Control). Professor Ding used the advanced optimization method and control technology to realize AVC. As a result, voltage level and power quality are increased, and network loss is reduced. The research results have been widely used by more than 160 users from 18 different provincial and regional power grids. In this field, Professor Ding won a state invention patent, National Scientific and Technological Progress Award second and third -class prize. He won one third-class prize of Jiangsu and Shandong Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award, as well as all first-class prize of scientific and technological progress award in Fujian, Jiangsu and Shandong provincial power companies.

2. Fault diagnosis of electrical equipment. Professor Ding applied artificial intelligent theory and technology to explore the selection on new characteristic quantity, and diagnosis on fault type and trouble location on the electrical equipment.

3. Power quality. Professor Ding’s research is mainly about power transformers’ economic operation, comprehensive calculation and analysis on network loss, optimal configuration for reactive power reactive compensation equipment, dynamic reactive power optimization, harmonic analysis and suppression, etc.

4 key technologies of distributed energy smart grid and smart distribution system.
He had been studied and worked in Virginia Tech and University as a visiting scholar for four years in the USA. And he always goes aboard to attend the international academic conference of power system in recent years.